Why a USHPA affiliated club?

Bozeman is not the laid back cowboy town it once was, population densities are exponentially growing and land space is becoming crowded. Our ability to climb a hill and fly is under more watchful eyes then ever before.

We wanted to have a local group of pilots that were affiliated with a national organization, like USHPA that allows us to establish and maintain good landowner relations, promote safety, maintain existing sites and work to open new ones. All USHPA members have signed a release, waiver and assumption of risk agreement that can assure landowners that they can allow pilots to use their lands without concern for liability. CLICK HERE TO SEE WAIVER

USHPA'S ability to provide site insurance coverage could be significant in maintaining or opening new sites.

Chapters are member-controlled organizations approved by the USHPA. They are autonomous, self-governing, financially independent groups of flying enthusiasts, affiliated with the USHPA, who want to share their flying experiences with others.

USHPA chapters can take advantage of many benefits provided by USHPA, to the extent that such benefits are available. Chapter benefits are subject to change at any time. Chapter benefits include:

A. Participation in the USHPA site insurance program. See SOP 06-02 Site Insurance.

B. Participation in the Accredited Competitions and Events (“ACE”) program. See SOP 06-03 Ace Insurance.

C. Access to USHPA’s publication resources, including:

1. Chapter listing on USHPA web site.

2. Chapter event listings on the USHPA website.

3. Periodic listing and news coverage for chapter events in USHPA PILOT magazine.

4. Two subscriptions to USHPA PILOT magazine for promotional purposes as donations to libraries, public officials and landowners.

D. Chapter flying sites are listed in the USHPA Site Guide.

E. Access to materials for public relations projects.

F. Additional leverage in lobbying efforts.

G. Access to USHPA member mailing labels for members in their region.

H. Chapters are eligible for discounts on USHPA merchandise for special projects and events.

I. USHPA assistance in getting high traffic flying sites added to FAA Sectionals.

J. Increased credibility when dealing with landowners and public officials


Please make an annual $50.00 donation when joining our club, your financial support will be appreciated and put to good use. If you can't afford to make a donation at this time you're still welcome to join us. USHPA requires that 70% of our members are dues paying USHPA members. Renew or join USHPA joining USHPA.

Join us, click below on the blue band, it will take you to a form to fill in. We will ask for you to provide your contact info, USHPA membership number, and ratings. And your interest in our mentor program.

How will we pay for stuff?

Your donations... We have a Paypal account that you can see linked below on this page (click on the logo with the hand and heart).

What stuff?

To name a few, Wind socks at sites, weather station monthly cellular fees at Hogback & Pass Creek, land maintenance (grass seed, fertilizer, HG road maintenance at Hog) improvements at new locations, Club events, signs at local sites, improvements at existing sites, fees to name landowners as additionally insured.

Joining BAPH will show your belief for constant vigilance to site preservation issues. With very few exceptions, our ability to fly our sites depends on the understanding and generosity of others. We all need to focus on maintaining good relations with land owners and the general public. Building the relations and resources to be a well respected group of pilots will take time & energy, but I believe our investment will pay in many ways....join us, lets build a legacy of free flight in and around Gallatin County.

Thankyou for your support.